Triva Edit

Final Apprence Of PHQ

Max Was ewant To Die In This Ep But Len Uhley Changed It

Copper Appres In A Cameo

Final Apprence Of Gwen She Returns In Gwens A Hudge Slut

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(Gwen And Co Are Outside The Base

Jim8 Yes His So Fast

JimHead I Lve This One

Kevin u ass Stop It Ur Playing agina Gamrs These Are For Fools If You Want To Be Friends Wth Him Fine But Go Alien X Destyroy It And Along Wth Ben And We'll Start Getting Revenge On Our Enmeys

JimX Ha





Jimix Yes Im Powerful Than Ever

(Ben And max Mange To Escape)

Max ugh Jim Has Got Ur Trix

Ben ikr

Max No Ben Get It Off Him

Ben He Tricked Me As Big Chill

Ma Ur A Duled Fool

Ben But

Max ugh Go After Them

JimChill Now Who Do U Want To Destroy Frist

Gwen Charmcaster

JimChill Ok

Kevin Thern Argit

Gwen No Then Hex

Kevin pig

(Ben Goes Jetray And Races Up To The Sky After The 3)

Jetray No Way Jims Too Powerful If He Goes Out To Space And To Get Revenge On Gwens & Keins Enmeys Then Its All Lost

Charmcaster Ahh Yes

Gwen Hey Bitch


JimFreak Boo Hex


Jetray Oh No Im Too Late

Gwen Now Its Um Albedos Turn

Jim No Argits Turn


Kevin (Kicks Gwen In Her Fucking Balls O Wait She Dosent Have Any I Mean Her Vagina)

Gwen (falls down To Earth)

Jetray O No My Ultimatrix Is Going To Turn Back To Me O Crap

Gwen (goes past Ben) Save Me

Jetray Fuck U Bitch

Ben Ahhhhhhh

JimFreak Aftewr Argit Smilly

Kevin ??

JimFreak A Idiot He Is

Kevin Oh

Ben Yes Finaly

Astrodectel Yes O Baby

Gwen Ahhhhh

(Gwen Falls And She Falls On The Ground)


(Gwen Is Now Dead)

JimFreak Hey Argit

Argit WTF Do U Want


Argit Okay

(JimFreak Kills Argit)

JimFreak mmmmm That Was Good Common Kevin Lets Return Back To Charmcaster And Hex And Suck Them Up

Kevin Ok Then Its Time To Do Albedo

Jimfreak Yes

To Be Contined

Plot Edit

Jim And Co Go To Space To Kill Ther Enmeys After Destroying PHQ And Gwen Gets Knocked For Being A Bitch While The 2 Go To Suck More Blood Well Only Jim Wth Kev Helping Him When Jim Sucks Argits

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Written by Len Uhley
Directed by Charlie Haskell
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