Plot Edit

Vilgax Must Abey Pardox As He Still Needs To Earn The Time Wallkers Respect Of Him Trying To Kill The Universe Befor He Joined Ben While Psyphons Brother Gets Charmcaster She Puts A Spell On Fucking Gwen

Triva Edit

Pardox Dies In Tis Ep

Transcript Edit

Kevin Hey babe Get here Woa Woa Woa

Gwen Awww Get here And Il Hump U F**K yeah

Vilgax Ahh yes cleainng the Dusty Bucket 3

Pardox Vilgax U must learn to What It takes To be A Good Guy


pArdox Yes Villy Lesson 1 Smell Ur Shoes

Vilgax (Smells em) Eww It Tastles Like Dog Shit

PArdox Yes See When was The last time u had A bath

Vilgax 1776

Pardox WHAT U are A fucking prick U Expect To Join the Goodies And U Don't Bath

Vilgax Nah My D**K Gets Stuck in the Plug Hole

Pardox WHAT

Violgax Sersley it dose

Pardox Ok Finew Whatever But U Expect to Fucking hell

Ben Hey pardox Remember Whewn Eon Got Ur D**K

Pardox No I Don't

VilgaX hahahaha Good One

Psyphons Brotrher Idiots Charmcaster U Suck Gwens Cock






Gwen Um So Kevin Lets Go Down & Dirty Woa Woa 69 Ya

Kevin Ya


Charmcaster Yes Il Destroy


Pardox Now Mother F**Ker U can-


Vilgax Ahhh I Was Sick Of Him Ben Lets Go Grab Some Beer


The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Jim Peronto
Directed by Charlie Haskell
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