Plot Edit

Ben Ends Up In Springfied And Meats The Simpsons

Triva Edit

Donald Grump Is Destroyed By Hommer Simpson

Transcript Edit

Ben Sersley Lets Just Go

Aggregor Can I Have A Ride Back I Came Here On Ship

Kevin Fine

(The 3 Go Past Adelaide And They Go Past Perth And They Arrive In Springfied)

Kevin This Is Where THe Simpsons Live

Donald Trump Fuck The Simpsons Matt Growing Is A Jerk

Kevin -________-

Ben (Logs Into A Account In YouTube Know As Beeves Butthead And Types Up To Charmcaster "look at this new song by Chainsmokers"

Charmcaster (Types) What Is It

Ben Paris

Charmcaster kkk

Ben Ok Looser Dump Wheres Gwen

Donald Trump I Eat Her

Ben Very Funny

Spidermonkey Oh Yeah


Donald Trump No I'm Not (Absorbs The Ultimatrix)

(He Becomes Ultimate Donald Trump)


Ben Yeah Nah

UDT U Cant Stop Me

Hommer But We Can

UDT Take Ur Fat Gut Away From My Shit

Hommer Listen U Little Dirtbag Were Actley


Red Ranger (Hommer) Ur Going Down

UDT Ugh Fuck This Shit

Red Ranger (Uses Power Sorwad To Destroy UDT)

Gwen Help Us Ben Were Being Humped On

Ben Really Gwen Ur Boring

Gwen Whatever

Ben I'm Going Back To Australia To Live There

Gwen Sersley Do U Wanna Be Close To Ernief

Ben No Who the fuck is he

Gwen Um The Creater

Ben Ok Shut Ur Balls Up I Just Love THe Tassie Devils And THeres No Polar Bears There

Gwen Or Here

Ben Whatever

astroCunt Oh Shit I'm A Vagina

To Be Contined....

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by James Rae Kim
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