As Theres Only 20 Mins Left Ben Plans To Stop Vilgaxs Plan By Conviceing Him To Be Good Once Again But Kev & Gwen Kill Him Befor Ben Has The Entire Chance Too Do It


(They Drive In A Stupid Car It Can Only Fit 2 Pepole In It)

Kevin This Car Is A Peace Of S**T

Vilgax Ahhh Fools

Ben Hey Fucker I'm Here To Kick Ur Boner

Vilgax Come And Catch It It Has Downsingdrone Fuck Ya Tennyson

Ben Ok

Heatblast Yes Finaly

Vilgax Laughs Ur D**K Is Stupid

Heatblast Oh Yeah

Vilgax Yeah

Heatblast OH YEAH


Heatblast Fuck U (Punchs Vilgax)

Sandra Ahhh Tennyson

Kevin Ha Now To Be A Dirty Old Man And H**P Sandra

Sandra What


(Btw At the Last Bit U Count See Sandra And Kevin Of The Screen Faceing The Other Way)

The End


Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Will Fouracres & Judd Lynn
Directed by James Barr
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