Plot Edit

The Funel Is On And Lighting Bolt Crashs It

Triva Edit

Transcript Edit

(The guys r At The Funel)

Ben Gotr Any Drugs

Guy yea

Gwen So Wtf

Georges Uncule No he was a warrior wth heart

Ben And Pashan

Georges IUncule Yes

Bewn Cool


Ben Let Me Go

Foodster YeA

Ben Fuck

Gwen Ben Stop Fucking Down

Kevin Ok So Is Tis Eongh

Ben Nope

Kevin Screw It

Ben :P

Georges Uncule Give me the Omnitrix becuz I Am Vil-

(Turns Into Vilgax)


Gwen O Shit

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Peter Folk Judd Lynn Mark Litton & Will Fouracres
Directed by Jonathan Brough
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