Triva Edit

Final Episode Of Georges Actor Playing George As A New One Will Replace Him Next Episode

Gwens Boobs Were Yellow This Ep

Plot Edit

Wth Ben & H4 In The Null Void The 3 Hightbreads Go After Azmuth To Get A Omnitrix While Kevin Goes To Save H4 & Ben

Transcript Edit

Ben So What Do The Hightbreads Want

H4 Revenge

Ben k


Kevin Im Going Into There

H3 Lets Get Revenge

H1 Yesd On Vilgax

H2 No On The Plumbers

H3 Yes

Kevin (goes in the null Void)

Azmuth Ahhh Good Show


H3 Times Up Give The 3 Orf Us All Omnitrixs So We Can Proteck Mandkind

Azmuth k

(azmuth gives them It)

H3 Fool We Tricked U

Azmuth kk

(The 3 Go To Earth)

Ben We Must Escape Uh Oh

Driscoll Hello Benjy

Ben U

H4 Lets Despose Of Him

Kevin No

Ben Lets Retreat

(They Come Back)

H2 Oh No Hes Back But We All Get Omnitrixs

Ben Easy

Alien X I Wish U All Dint


Ben :P

H4 And This Is For Befor

(h4 zaps the 3 In The Null Void)

Ben Lets Go Home

H3 H2 & H1 No Please

Phil Oger Bogger

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Judd Lynn

Mark Litton & Will Fouracres

Directed by James Barr
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