Plot Edit

GeorgeTells Bens Co Abut The 2nd Hero Thing He Did

Triva Edit

Georges 2nd Story Is Told In This Ep

Bill Gacks & Vilgax Appre In This It Was A Erra Because They Were Not Born During This Time

Transcript Edit

Ben So Where At Gwens House Looking For Shit

Gwen No Looking For

George I Quit

Ben Me Too Wait I Cant (Goes To Sleep)

George Ur Mums Away So Why Stop Making A Mess


George Lets Tell Storys Ahhh Yes That Story

(in 1788)

Cowboy Ur Going Down

George Screw U


(In 2015)

Gwen That Story Was Shit

Kev I Aggre btw Make My House Happy

Ben Im Fucking Off

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Judy Remore

Judd Lynn Will J Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
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