Triva Edit

Gwen Appres Naked Again

Ben & Vilgax Renite To Friends

The Refes To Ben Saying MM Is A Refer To A Teenager Saying JB But Gwen Thought It Was Micky Mouses It Was Mike Myers As Ben Thoyught It Was James Bond But It Was Justin Bebber That Came Off The Fanmade Show Ben 10 Stupidley Force

Jimmy Makes His Dubet

Final Apprence Of Gwens Baby

Plot Edit

Gess Whos Bac The Sex Tro And Gwen & Kevin meat jimmy while farting on pepoles houses

Transcript Edit

Gwen O Fuck My Vaginas Hot

Kevin lol

Gwen Rlly

Kevin Yes Lez Get Married

(Psyphon & vilgax Are At Ther Base Vilgax Trows Psyphon Out The Window)

Vilgax Screw U

Ben Guys This Is Freaking Stupid


Kevin hey Gwen Lets Fart Outside Someones Lawn

(they do it)

Person 1 Fuck off u too

Kevin Kiss Our Sorry Ass

Person 2 NEVER

Person 3 Ill Do It

(p3 dose it)

Ben Hey Guys These Guys Are Being Immature So Dont Listen To Em

Person 2 ikr Tell Em To Fuck Off

Gwen Ben are u stupid

Person 3 Yes He Is Lets Join Forses Im Jimmy U Will Destroy Ben 10

Kevin Yes

Ben Hey Look Its MM

Gwen What Mickey Mouses

Ben No Mike Myers

Mike Guys Gwen Stop It iur suppset to Be The Smart One Not The Dumb One

Gwen i am

Mike Not now

Gwen Uhhh Yes I Fucking am

Ben Mike Ther Immature

Kevin Shutup Ben ur the Identy Mystif Man At Tuff unides rest Est

Ben That fuking dose not Mean that

Gwen Lets Ditch Em

Jimmy Aggred

(the 3 Leave Leaving [poo Out The Frount)

Ben Yuck

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Judd Lynn

Matt Wayne

Directed by Peter Salmon
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