Plot Edit

Vilgax Becomes Famous While Psyphons Brother Orders Dr Animo To Shoot Gwen Who Has Had Sex Again

Triva Edit

Transcript Edit

Gwen Kiss Suck Balls

Kevin Hahaha Yeah Ther Makeup Is So Dumb

Gwen IKR

Kiss 4 Were Going To Preform In Bellwood...To Piss Ben 10 Off


(Ther Preforming Is Shit No Joke)


Kiss Goodjob Lets Turn Up The Volume

Ben Fuck This

Echo Echo Oh Yeah

Ultimate Echo Echo FUCK U KISS

Kiss 2 Tennyson Il Burst Ur Bouble

Ulti Echo Echo NEVER




(No More Kiss Kiss Is Gone R.I.P Kiss

Ben Ugh They Were Annoying

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Mark Handler

Mark Litton

Directed by James Barr
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