Plot Edit

After Getting Jealous By Man Of Action Seth Mccaflee Desides To Make His Own Ben 10

Triva Edit

Transcript Edit

AstroVagina I Fucking Hate this Alien

(He Goes Back To Australia)

Gwen So ytf Is Ben Going To Australia

Kevin To See The Tassie Devils He Said

Gwen Oh

Ben Ugh That Sucked

Ernief What r U Doiung Here

Ben Nothing U Prick What r U Doing Here

Ernief Um I Live Here In Australia

Ben kkk So Do I Know

Ernief Whatever

Ben Now To Go And See The Tassie Devil

Ben Lets Go Hero Time

BigFaggot Oh Fuck THe Omnitrix Is Fucking Up I Better Go See Azmuth

(He Goes To Galvin Prime) (To See Azmuth)

Ben Hey Azmuth


Ben I Fucked Ur Watch

Azmuth What Happend

Ben Its Given Me Retarted aliens

Azmuth Oh Ok

Ben So Can U Fix It

AstroCunt Oh Shit JUST DO IT

Azmuth Nah I Gotta Go

AstroCunt U r Unbeliveable I'm Going Back To Australia

Azmuth Ok

To Be Contined....

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Seth MacFarlane And William Fouracres
Directed by Mike Smith
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