Plot Edit

Man Of Action And Seth MacFarlane Fight For The Power Of Artwork In The Epic Fucking War

Triva Edit

Transcript Edit

(21 Pillots Come On)

Ernief (Changes Channel) Ahhh Screw THis Shit

Ben U Killed Vilgax

Rojo Yews I Also Played With A Condom

Ben Ur Sick

Dick Arms Oh Yes 4 Dicks

Rojo Ugh UI Look Sick

Azmuth Ahhh Fat Belly Fat Belly

(Dick Arms Punchs Rojo To The north Pole Where THat Fool THat Killed The Life Savers In 1997)

BS Story

Azmuth I Gotta My Finger In My Ass

Dick Arms Ur Going Down U Peace Of Shit

Ben Oh No 69

(A Cab Arrives It Says 69 It Takes Rojo Away)

Bzmuth (Arrives) Ben My Brother Is Being A Atisim Idiot He Repeats Himself Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Olives On Ur Pizzas To make U Sick


Azmuth Bzmuth

Bzmuth Ive Got Company

Czmuth Ur A ass Azmuth

Dzmuth Aggred

Ezmuth Fzmuth Gzmuth Hzmuth Izmuth Jzmuth Kzmuth Lzmuth Mzmuth Nzmuth Ozmuth Pzmuth Qzmuth Rzmuth Szmuth Tzmuth Uzmuth Vzmuth Wzmuth Xzmuth Yzmuth Zzmuth Yes Aggred

Azmuth Awww Fuck U

(Azmuth Goes To Atisim Jail And Bzmuth Fixs Bens Watch And Yeah)

Vilgax Can I Have A Omnitrix

Bzmuth Yes

Vilgax Yay Now I Get To Kill U All




The End

Men At Work - Down Under

Men At Work - Down Under

(Just To Finsh THe Series Off)

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Seth MacFarlane

Daniel Colester William Fouracres Judd Lynn

Directed by Charlie Haskell
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Unknown Unknown

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