Plot Edit

If Ben Is Too Rescue Julie He Must Hump The Ground While Vilgax Returns

Triva Edit

George Again Dose Not Appre In Tis Ep

Gwen Is Not Comfirmeded To Be Pregnet Again But Judd Lynn Said They Said It Around tis ep

Transcript Edit

Ben Ahhh Yes Times To Have Fun

Gwen No fuk off

Julie Benjy Brown

Gwen fork off

(Ben & Co Go To Mcdonalds)

Ben hi il order poop

Costermer Wtf

BenYep Poop

(Costmer Kicks Ben Out)

Ben Oh Lve Eps Like These

Eyeguy U Wanna Fight

Costmer Yea

Police 2 Ur Under Arrest

Eyeguy Nigga Im Hot

Police 2 no u arent

Eyeguy Shoot

(Ben Goes To KFC)


Kevin My Fucking Pussy

Ben Im Fucking Not Happy

Costmer gtfo

Ben Nope



Gwen Rlly

Ben I Need A Yummy cock

Kevin Fly us to the moon ben

Ben Suk me dik Kevin

(Kevin Gets Underand Suks The Yummy Thing

Ben My Dik

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Ivan Perk
Directed by James Barr
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