Plot Edit

Sherck Wants To Live In Bellwood As Soon AsFairy God Mother Telports Him Out Of His Swamp

Triva Edit

Tis Ep Is Like Acters Act Of Only Ben Appreing In It

Transcript Edit

Sherk Oh Yes (pops off) Ahhh

Fairy God Mother Fools

(Sherk Goes Over To Fiona) Hey Gess What

Finoa What

Sherk (farts) Ohhhhh

Fairy God Mother Hello Fools

Sherk Get Out Oh Yeah Take Tis Too (farts)

Fairy God Mother PIG

(Fairy Telports Sherk Out Of His Swamp)

(Sherk Lands In Frount Of A Singh That Says Welcome To Bellwood)

Sherk Welcome To Bellzwood

Ben Ugh George & Others Are Being Lame

Sherk I Musty Go In

(Sherk Goes To Mr Baumann)


(Sherk Then Goes To PHQ)

Sherk Hey Wheres Max

Plumber Not Here

Ben Ugh Im So Bored

(Sherk Knocks On Bwns Door)

Ben Well Fuk The Legendary Sherk

Sherk Yes Now Turn Into One Of Myt Own

Ben k Cunt

Oger Man Yes

Sherk LewtrsGo BackTo My Swamp And Destroy Fairy God Mother

Oger Man Aggred

(They Go Bak To Sherks House)

Ben Ugh No

Sherk Well Im Ba

Fairy God Mother U Again And U Brought Tennyson

Ben Yeah Now


fAIRY gOD mOTHER I'll Destroy Both Of U

(Chroamstone Shoots Fairy God Mother She Falls And Dies)

Ben k Gotta Go

Alien X Telport Me Out Of Here

Sherk Now To Eat Fairy God Mother Up

(sherk eats fairy god mother)

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Sam Smith
Directed by Mike Smith
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